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A monthly emagazine with previews, interview and reviews about the latest PC gamers, written by professional games journalists. An interactive PDF, it has won praise from readers and games sites around the world for its quality of content and innovative delivery. As well as professionally written games editorial, the pages are enhanced with video and multimedia, bring the emagazine to life.

Target Audience: PC gamers

Tags: pc games, games for windows, games for vista

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Testimonial for PCGZine

"I just spent some enjoyable time looking at the GamerZines' PCGzine. They are proving that print game magazines are becoming obsolete. While you can look at the static pictures of a paper magazine, with GamerZines, what they describe comes to life in embedded video. This is cool."

"The thing that really makes GamerZines stand out from the crowd of conventional gaming magazines is, that it’s freely published on the internet for anyone to easily access and read, and the interactive media that is found inside means that it can go far beyond your conventional print magazine, videos, quizzes, forms and many more things all add together to give a dynamic experience instead of the static one you receive from your normal print magazine. Add all of that together with knowledgeable authors that are in the gaming scene, makes for one fantastic, free online magazine."

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