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Submitted On 2007-01-29

Learn how to generate thousands of dollars in FREE ONLINE PUBLICITY for your book, product or service by subscribing to the FREE email newsletter "PR LEADS Article Marketing Secrets & Breakthroughs." This weekly e-newsletter is loaded with tips, tricks and tools, case studies, and advice on how to increase traffic, sales and boost your search engine ranking at the same time.

We promise that our weekly newsletter is completely different. Unlike 99% of those other "marketing guru's” who send out nothing but one silly pitch after another and not even a single piece of useful information to be found.... we strive to provide you with super productive article marketing strategies in every issue…without wasting your time or boring you. Our goal is to help your business grow!

Inside The PR LEADS FREE Article Marketing Secrets & Breakthroughs Newsletter You Will Discover:

How to find the best sites and ezines to market your articles – at no cost to you!

The #1 secret that only 14% of article marketing authors know that the other 86% don’t

The article marketing strategies that helped Dr. Mark Hyman’s best selling book, UltraMetabolism, jump to the #2 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List after 1 submission

How Lesley Mattos, Founder of Adesso Albums, tripled her traffic with article marketing

How Vicki Rackner MD and Mac McIntosh established relationships with key online media editors

How Dan Kaplan, Founder of SMC Data Systems uses article marketing to boost his credibility with clients, prospects, vendors and other contacts

How Dr. Karen Sherman gained worldwide Internet exposure. Now, she has readers from all over the world asking to subscribe to her newsletter.

How to turn readers into prospects with sales landing pages and offers for free newsletters, eBooks, and eCourses

How to make money from your articles by turning them into informational products your readers need and want

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