Paw Persuasion Pointers
Submitted On 2006-10-18

Turn Wild Willy, Peeing Puppy, or Rolling Rover into lovable, obedient, Faithful Fido! Florida's no-nonsense Dog Obedience Trainer - Dog Behaviorist - Expert Author, RENA MURRAY, debunks dog myths, blending the best of the Dog Whisper Behavior and other dog training techniques to help you select, train, understand, communicate with, control, and enjoy your dog. Sharing hands-on experience with most dog breeds and ages, Rena gives clear instruction with real world examples for you to become Pack Leader and solve dog behavior problems, from fear based aggression and dog dominance behavior to crate training a puppy and helping the shy ones. If you don't find your answer here, send Rena your specific dog concerns for consultation or answers in future articles. Get the most out of your pet, and avoid another Dog Day Afternoon

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Testimonial for Paw Persuasion Pointers

Thank you for the wonderful solution you gave me concerning the problem I was having with my Leader Dog (guide dog), Copper. Since I got Copper from Leader Dog school about a year and a half ago, he has, when playing, exhibited some behavior that was downright crude and rude. I corrected him for this as my trainer had instructed, but the problem still persisted. It really became embarrassing when a small child, about his size, came to visit and he, in play, began to mount her. Ugg! … I was very careful to listen to your directions, which were very thorough, and all was well … The problem has occurred 2 or 3 times since then but has been resolved quickly without fuss or muss by following your treatment prescription. … You are a fine dog trainer because you know that every dog and every owner has a different personality, and you accommodate your training to suit dog and master. I would recommend you to anybody I know who needs a patient, kind, caring, and no-nonsense trainer. - P. Tassie, Chicago

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