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Submitted On 2006-09-25

A weekly newsletter serving parents of overweight children and teens who have been advised by a pediatrician to reduce or not gain more weight. If your child or teen is overweight, needs to lose weight, is struggling with overweight issues, wants to try a "kid diet," asks to see a nutritionist or wants to join a weight loss program, this free ezine can help you make the necessary changes.

Developed by Mattie Mola, a nutritionist specializing in childhood weight management, the Pedia Trim & Fit ezine is approved by pediatricians to assist busy parents in kids weight management. Each issue is packed with valuable and practical family-friendly tips, tactics and techniques along with the most current information on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle parents can use immediately.

Target Audience: Parents of overweight, obese or at-risk children and adolescents

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Testimonial for Pedia Trim & Fit

"As a registered nurse in a regional school system parents often ask me how they can help their overweight kids get to a healthy weight. I suggest the PEDIA TRIM & FIT newsletter because it provides so many tips and insights for parents dealing with the many issues surrounding childhood overweight." Anna Collier, RN, Nashville, TN

"When it comes to providing valuable and useful information on the subject of childhood overweight, the PEDIA TRIM & FIT newsletter is consistent. Parents can discover something helpful in each issue." Randolph Reynolds, PhD, Santa Fe, NM

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