PenCapChew Zine
Submitted On 2005-12-29

Music reviews, interviews, funny more often than not. What it is to be a 20-something in Detroit - daily life, yet totally unimportant to daily life. Very poor editing. Since 1997. (and it shows)

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Tags: Detroit, music, review, interview, pencapchew, life, funny, humor, satire, 1997, entertainment, art,

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"I feel honored, PenCapChew is hilarious. I saw it at Cat's Meow and I said 'wow, that's fucking Mel's zine from way back' so I lifted it up out of a bath of old retarded flyers from like six months ago (burps) and I see Erik wearing this Viper jacket. And I'm like 'that's a Dodge Viper, like, nylon jacket'. It was hilarious. Oh my god, it said something about 'can you find the real Uncle Cracker' on it or some shit like that and I was like 'WHAT! This is whack!' I don't know dude, it was very funny. I have it in my car, I read it at every stop light." - Dougie Tangent, drummer of The Warning

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