Perception - Your Life
Submitted On 2007-08-28

Take a moment to think about your life. Look at it from all angles. Step away for a bit and check in on yourself. Pay attention to how you see your life. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied?

Imagine as you watch yourself that you have a clipboard with a check list. This check list is meant to be a self evaluation. You scan the list of questions.

I am happy with who I am? -- Are my relationships the way I would like? -- Which things work or don’t work well? -- Am I having a good day or a bad one? -- How often to I feel frustrated? -- What makes me scared? -- What makes me happy?

You try to answer the questions thoughtfully. You may think of the past or the present. You may think of the future you’d like to have. You could perhaps become grateful for what already do.

At this very moment the thoughts you are having and the way you evaluate your life is a perception. It is a specific point of view that only you have. You can be certain that no one else will see the world exactly the same way as you do.

Your perceptions are affected by all the events in your life. The past has a tremendous impact on what your life is right now. Who you are or think you are depends on those experiences as well.

You are always defining every moment. You are sorting each one as you create a memory of it. It is interesting that your evaluation process automatically routes an experience into the “good” box or the “bad” one. You commit to this filtering process all day long. For example: You get promoted at work = good. You are cut off in traffic = bad.

You create a set of predefined filters throughout your life. Every moment becomes subject to them. You will place each moment in one category or the other.

Your filters communicate to you the inherent value of an occurring moment. Whatever the value it has will affect your feelings about it. You will experience everything that happens in your life whether it’s career, relationships, finances or leisure in a particular way. This defined viewpoint is your perception.

Everyday this evaluation process will create the positive or negative perceptions you have. Does all of this mean you are an automated robot that only processes data? No.

With your perception comes the ability to make “free will” choices. Those choices then help to create your reality.

Have you ever been with someone in the same event and have them describe it differently than you would? How can entirely different people experience the same exact situation but have two different stories? The answer is that every single person has a unique perception. This means that all versions or perceptions of events are true. If everyone was aware of that fact, there would be a lot less arguments. To create a more positive reality, be conscious of your perception of things. Is it good or bad? Mastering an awareness about your perceptions can help you change your quality of life.

Once you know your perceptions, you have the power to change you reality. Remember just because a perception begins negative, YOU can change it.

You can be the magician in your life. You can wave a thought and transform a dark and cloudy day to one filled with brilliant sunshine! Your perception is a decision you make between past events and what is truly going on in the moment. There are always different ways to look at something, don't limit yourself to the past.

Let your perception become flexible! As you do, you will see a positive shift in the reality you create each and every day.

YOU have all the power!

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