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Submitted On 2008-01-05

The Perfect Practice Ezine is an active weekly, devoted to the fine art of, and the preservation of private health care. Regular guest and feature articles, offers and links are published and posted every Friday.

Target Audience: DCs MDs, PTs and other Private Health Care Practitioners

Tags: chiropractic,healthcare, management, marketing

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I year ago my office was in the middle of what could be called nothing else but a "meltdown". My office manager of 12 years had retired and we had hired a person who not only couldn't get along with my staff but also cost me tens of thousands of dollars due to incorrect billing the time I was considering closing the office. I was referred to Dr. Hayes and the Perfect Practice just in time! He encouraged me to stick it out and showed me systems that not only smoothed out my staffing problems but quickly put in place a turn key system that has increased our profits and more than anything else, lowered my overall stress in practice.

Thanks John! - Dr. Eric, Massachusetts

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