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Submitted On 2009-03-31

Monthly updates with new guest articles, poetry, news items and links to website.

An excerpt from the introductory copy News letter# 1: . . . "My wish is to connect, inform, interact, inspire and delight anyone who cares to meet me this way, whatever your age might be. If you wish, you can discover more of my life and its stories through my video interview with

Target Audience: Over 50s, AND, all ages are subscribing!

Tags: Meaningful,wisdom,laughter,challenging,inspirational

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Ezine Owner: persephone arbour

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Circulation: 240+

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Testimonial for Persephone's Newsletter

I am 35 and didn't really want to receive a newsletter geared to the over 50s. However, a friend sent me a copy and I gobbled it up. It really is a 'different' type of newsletter, and your site is just so rich, juicy and alive - it is ageless. Thank you so much for dreaming this up. Sandy Heathcote - London

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