Personal Alarms
Submitted On 2008-01-24

Violent crime is on the rise in many once-safe communities, and more and more people are finding it necessary to include an extra measure of security to protect themselves and their loved ones from assault. Passing through familiar or unfamiliar neighborhoods, being alone at the office or even just walking across the parking lot at night to get to your car can pose a serious risk to your safety. A personal alarm is a great self-defense tool that can stop an attack before it happens.

A personal alarm is small enough to hold in your hand. It has a button, that when pressed, will emit a loud siren-type sound resulting in surprising and scaring-off the assailant with the attention it will attract. . There are many different types and sizes of personal alarms to suit every need and lifestyle. They travel easily in pocket or purse, and some personal alarms have other handy self-defense and safety aids built into them, such as a flashlight or flashing strobe light. These personal alarms are perfect for a woman or child alone, for joggers and cyclists, and night-shift employees who might have to enter a dark building or parking lot.

But not all personal alarms are meant to be worn or carried somewhere on the person, many have uses other than to fend off an attacker. Some are used to scare off intruders from entering your home or where you are residing (i.e., hotel, cabin, etc.). For example, there are alarms that can be hung on a doorknob and automatically sound if an intruder touches the doorknob. Others are doorstop alarms activated when someone tries to open the door. Many intruders are wary of and are scared away by the sound of an angry barking dog. The multi-functional secure dog alarm allows you added security without having to actually own a dog. This alarm uses an electronic radar-wave sense control and when an intruder comes within 22 feet, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog. Some personal alarms are designed to help monitor and maintain the safety of people, especially children. Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking your child is missing or lost? If you have ever had the gut-wrenching feeling of turning around in a busy street or busy store and suddenly finding that your child is nowhere in site, then you will appreciate the Child Guard Kitty or Panda. This transmitting device is cartoon animal shaped and worn by the child. When the child gets beyond a set distance, the adult’s receiver starts to beep, letting them know their child is starting to wander off. Our pool alarm is another comforting device. If anyone such as your child or a neighbor’s child were to fall into the pool, the alarm will sound alerting you to investigate.

Personal alarms are very economical, starting at about $10.00 and make great gifts to show a special someone how much you truly care. For more information about personal alarms and for a complete list of our products and other helpful self-defense items, visit Armed Right.

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