Piano Chords & Chord Progressions
Submitted On 2009-02-02

Every-other-day email newsletter on piano chords and chord progressions, including major chords, minor chords, augmented and diminished chords, 6th chords, 7th chords, and many other chord types. Then on to chord progressions such as the "blue moon" progression, the "O duh!" progression, and several others.

Target Audience: amateur adult piano players

Tags: piano lessons, play piano, piano chords, chord progressions, music theory, learn piano

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Testimonial for Piano Chords & Chord Progressions

I am seriously grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. I am like some of your other students in that I wish I had known of your methods 40 years ago. Still I have learned to more freely use fill ins and some riffs and chords; especially the minor 7ths. Also, I have learned to take advantage of chord inversions to save unnecessary leaps. I did not know just how useful they are. Thank you for these, and all the other tips I have learned from you. It has been like having a friend who willingly shares technics with others. Being a retired public education teacher, (5th grade math for 23 years), I still appreciate sharing tips and hints with others.

I have saved all the lessons and have put them in "Duane's Folder." I already refer to them quite often.

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