Plugged In Hollywood For Screenwriters
Submitted On 2009-06-06

A monthly ezine for Screenwriters on marketing their screenplays to Hollywood and getting them read by legitimate producers and literary agents. Every screenwriter dreams of having their script made into a movie, and this ezine gives them tips on how to make that happen. It contains feature articles on topics like pitching your script, networking, and writing your query letter. Other sections are Case Studies of successful screenwriters who started with no Hollywood contacts and how they got their first big break.

Target Audience: Screenwriters, Playwrights, and Novelists who would like their story to be a movie

Tags: screenwriting, screenwriters, screenplay, script, sell my screenplay, market my script, pitch my sto

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Testimonial for Plugged In Hollywood For Screenwriters

Hi Melody, thanks for coming up with this bi-weekly email! I look forward to reading it regularly and using it help maintain motivation. I can't wait until I'm done with my next screenplay so we can get back to work again! See ya, R. Holman

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