"Portion Distortion!" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You
Submitted On 2010-10-14

Weekly "Get Fit" Newsletter from Tanya Stroh Training Solutions, Your Online Personal Trainer at

This week’s features include:

1. "Portion Distortion!" It's no secret; if we eat more calories then we burn off we will gain weight ...

2. Work Your Chest and Your Core with the "Exercise of the Week 90 degree Chest Press

3. "Noshing Nixes & Switches" It's easy to save calories with a little bit of pre-planning ...

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Testimonial for "Portion Distortion!" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You

“As the owner of a chain of health clubs for 23 years I can tell you from experience the number one reason members stopped short of achieving their fitness goals... BOREDOM! Tanya’s program, takes boredom out of the equation! Instead of exercise drudgery you get variety, fun and...results! Thinking won’t burn any calories ...taking action will.” Charlie McDermott

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