Positive Petzine
Submitted On 2006-07-14

Positive Petzine is a free resource for people who are training their own dogs and wish to use "positive" training methods. Each edition has highly relevant information for owners of puppies and dogs on topics such as:
- housetraining made easy in the fastest possible time
- the 2 things you need to do to stop digging in your garden
- the easiest and kindest way to stop your dog jumping on visitors
- why dogs bark and what you can do to stop unwanted barking
- the 4 basic tricks your pet needs to know now to avoid 95% of all other dog training problems
- how to turn your dog's begging at the table into an asset!
- which "missing ingredient" causes at least 75% of ALL dog behavior problems
- how to administer medications easily and without frightening your dog
- the number 1 cause of dog bites and how to avoid them
- how to be the world's laziest dog trainer and still have a polite, friendly and happy dog
- which medical conditions may be causing dog behavior problems that even your vet may not know about
- crate training without tears, whining or howling

... and more!

Target Audience: Puppy and dog owners

Tags: puppy,dog,positive,clicker,reinforcement,conditioning,training,behavior,behaviour,whisperer,cesar,pr

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