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Power Feng Shui concepts to increase Good Health, Wealth, Empowerment, Love/Relationships, Careers, Travel, Friends, and Fame/Recognition/Future areas of your Sacred Space (Home) or Business.

Travel Feng Shui, museums, architecture, stained glass, fountains (Water Element) & many other interesting articles.

Home or Office Staging and Real Estate Tips.

Target Audience: Feng Shui enthusiasts

Tags: Feng Shui

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Ron Daggett

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When Alex Shaw leaves after your consultation it is complete and money and fun things begin to happen for you. That was my personal experience just right after she Power Feng Shui'd our home and home offices. More business calls, leads, conclusions for signed contracts. The simple things she moved around made such a difference in even the way the air "feels" when we walk into our home. She used our things, art, pictures, some small statues, and created an energy field of electrified signals. It was like everything we owned finally connected to each other The Tao, I learned from Alex is that feeling of "connectedness" the Feng Shui consultation brings to the clients's Sacred Space. We had everything we loved and enjoyed but she connected it for us with her consultation. I highly recommend her....Del Ray Beach client

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