Publishize - Publicize Yourself Through Publishing
Submitted On 2008-01-21

Learn techniques and tips for publishing, books, Web sites, and information products that promote your expertise. Take advantage of the power of print and online publishing to improve awareness of who you are and what you do.

When you sign up for the weekly Publishize newsletter, you get a free report called "The Nine Lives of Content: How to Turn Just One Idea into Multiple Products That Promote Your Expertise."

Target Audience: business owners,entrepreneurs,publishers,writers

Tags: publish,book publishing,writing,online marketing,Web sites,web business,self-publishing

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"Your new article on marketing in the newsletter was great and very timely. That idea of cleaning out your closet of marketing tools was a nice way of getting the message across that it is ok if marketing tactics donít work or did work and stop working. "

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