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Submitted On 2007-02-19

The Elite Inexpensive Advertising Source

Receiving this Newsletter will be the best investment you ever made! Learn How To reach millions of potential customers with FREE or inexpensive ad campaigns! For Huge website exposer!

Advertising with Free and inexpensive ad placements will give you the greatest returns from the smallest investments! Bear in mind, saving money spells Good Business...

The information youíll receive in this Newsletter is information that you can use as soon as you read it...

The Raptor Marketing Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication... Youíll receive this Newsletter 6 times per year... Itís loaded with techniques, strategies to increase traffic to your website using the FREE and least expensive way...

My goal is to help you save money, and at the same time generate Huge amounts of traffic to your website... All on a shoestring budget!!! This newsletter will show you How To:

• Place ads your ads for FREE or for a few dollars • Place your Articles FREE • Use Link Directory sites, for Huge link exposer • Place your Article in ezines • And much more

Target Audience: Internet marketers,advertising,traffic,home business

Tags: website traffic,website promotion,free newsletter,internet marketing

Ezine Subscription Info: Free bi-monthly newsletter

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Ad Rates: $15.00

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Ezine Owner: John Arrington

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