Reading Tips for Children
Submitted On 2006-07-19

Are you wondering if your child's brain is developing like it should?

Do you need advice on teaching your child early reading and learning skills?

Learn the following tips by signing up for our newsletter:
  • What children like and respond to while reading books (age
  • categories discussed)
  • Ways to share books with toddlers and Infants
  • Difference in Early Literacy vs. Early Reading
  • Tests to see if your child is developing on schedule
  • Learn the BEST times to read to a child and why
  • Learn HOW children learn and process information
  • How T.V., media, computers, and technology affects young children
  • When to start reading to your child
  • Activities to motivate your child to learn to read

Resource sites and articles with many more reading and parenting tips!

Target Audience: Parents & Family

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