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Submitted On 2008-07-07

"Everything you're looking for is right here when it comes to finding the relationship advice and support you need to save your relationship and transform it into the one you've always dreamed of!" Relationship E-book of the month, weekly relationship articles delivered right to your in-box, and relationship advice from the Relationship Rehab Coach!

Target Audience: Women seeking advice for a long-term relationship or marriage

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Testimonial for Relationship Rehab Gold - Relationship Advice

Dear Relationship Rehab Coach,

When I first became a Relationship Rehab Gold Member my relationship was an absolute mess! My partner and I had been constantly arguing and fighting, and the intimacy was completely gone from our relationship. He began to withdrawal, and I began to worry that our relationship wouldn't survive!

I have to say I had no idea that the e-books and relationship articles would be so informative! They provided exact techniques and scripts that I was able to put right to work in saving my relationship. Honestly, I was expecting some decent reading, but I never expected the invaluable guidance I received!

Once I tried the relationship advice and techniques, WOW was I amazed, they worked like magic! I guess I just needed a little guidance and the right information. Our relationship has improved tremendously, and we seem to be having more fun than we ever have! I can honestly say that if it were'nt for your advice and guidance I don't think we would have made it!

Thank you so much!

Amber K

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