Relationship Twist
Submitted On 2006-10-24

He comes home from work. You eat dinner. Sometimes you go out. Sometimes you stay in it's almost a predictable "coupley" routine. It's not easy to spice up your love life.

What happened to those moments of excitement and doing something new together?

What about adding a twist to your "coupley" routine?

Studies show that exercise is one of the most intimate activities couples can do that actually makes them feel them closer in less time.

That's why Kristina Marchitto created a simple routine for couples of all ages and levels to help them get more intimate with simple ancient yoga moves at home.

Her latest Yoga For Lovers DVD, "Helps to heat up muscles (and the libido!) on comfy mats as couples slowly begin to tune into each others bodies to the warm fuzzy sounds of togetherness."

The next time he comes home from work, get out the yoga mat instead of the usual dinner place mats.

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Tags: sex tips, relationship advice

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