Resilience Review
Submitted On 2006-03-04

Teaches people how to beome resilient to pressure and bounce back fast from stress, tension and burnout in business, work and life.

Target Audience: business owners, professionals, sales people, managers & educators

Tags: stress, stress management, stress management tip, resilience, manage stress

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Ezine Owner: Michael Licenblat

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Circulation: 2,500+

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Testimonial for Resilience Review

I do enjoy your "Resilience Review" and appreciate the time and energy you put into this; the service you are providing in working with and helping people, and the sharing of your experience and knowledge. Do keep up the good work. The world is in need of more like people.

Kind regards, Gloria

Dear Michael,

It looks as though you have personally answered my question. I do sometimes think that you do have a magic wand and you are specifically answering my questions. Thanks a lot. May God Bless you and your wonderful happiness for everything that you are doing towards making others lives filled with joy and happiness with good health. Keep it up. jyothi

Dear Michael, thank you so much for keeping us on your mailing list! your emails always seem to arrive at "just the right moment"


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