Rules of Engagement
Submitted On 2011-06-10

The Becoming Engaged weekly newsletter, Rules of Engagement, helps career and goal-oriented women and curious men escape the prison of other people’s ideas, opinions & expectations so that they can finally embrace their unique individuality and see it for what it really is, a gift to the world. It is their personal launching pad from the life they have now to the life of their dreams.

Target Audience: Professional Women

Tags: Authentic Living, Life Engagement, Life Purpose, Relationships

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Ezine Owner: Cheryl Thomas

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Circulation: 300+

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Once again you have delivered, from your heart to your readers, an inspirational book that helps breathe new life into our faint and fading hopes, dreams, and aspirations for more fulfilling and rewarding lives! Thank you for caring enough to help us learn how to live the abundant life God wants us to live! - K. Kilgore, Dallas

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