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Submitted On 2008-10-18

Daily quotes, pictures, and insights on Joyful Living. Weekly mailings also contains a short article on gratitude, choice, awareness, or a similar topic.

A recent daily inspiration included the following (accompanied by two photographs):

The meaning of Life is whatever we Choose.. - jonathan lockwood huie

See Life as ugly and painful if you choose, or see it as beautiful and joyful. There is no inherent meaning in life. We give life its meaning. It's our Choice.

choose in ways that support your dreams. - mary anne radmacher

Target Audience: Everyone wanting to end emotional suffering and live joyfully.

Tags: Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Sayings, forgiveness, gratitude, choice, unity, awareness, atten

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Testimonial for SAILings Daily Inspirations

I am loving this SAIL approach, because it gives you both a challenge, and a "Try This".

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