Savoring the Fruits
Submitted On 2006-10-27

"Savoring the Fruits" is a free weekly electronic magazine dedicated to helping you pluck and savor the Ultimate Fruits of Life: Power, Peace, Joy, Health, Love, Value, and Prosperity. I discuss the nature and character of Life as well as the Laws and Principles that govern Life, so you can better understand how to live life to the fullest.

Target Audience: Individuals who desire to live life to the fullest

Tags: personal development, personal growth, power, personal power, peace, joy, health, love, value, prosp

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Ezine Owner: Dave Sharp

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Testimonial for Savoring the Fruits

"I love what you're doing, Dave! I love the quotes, the questions you ask, and that you provoke me to think about things I may not otherwise have given my time to considering. Just keep on keepin' on!" -- subscriber

"The value of your overall offering is amazing. It's like teaching you how to apply Newton's Third Law of Motion in your life. -- subscriber

"I love your ezines. They are all very moving and they inspire me." -- subscriber

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