Secrets of Positive Dog Training for Real Results
Submitted On 2007-05-09

Want to know the secrets that top dog trainers use for real results? Want to know how to solved all the common dog and puppy behavior problems such as:

- digging in the garden
- chewing hands or clothes
- destroying your furniture
- pulling on the lead
- jumping on visitors
- housebreaking
- barking
- not listening to you
- not coming when called

Dogs just do what works for them, the trick is for you to figure out how to make what works for them the same thing that works for you! Our e-course reveals these secrets and many more.

Target Audience: dog owner, pet lovers, dog obedience competitors

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Testimonial for Secrets of Positive Dog Training for Real Results

"This ezine is awesome! The content is great, but the best part is the "plain english" way it describes things. I print out all the posts and keep them in a binder. I do a lot of rescue work, plus have 3 dogs of my own. You can never have enough training knowledge and this is a great source." - Terri Beardsley

"AWESOME! This is one of the best pet news letters I have ever received. I have had dogs all my life and I am learning alot of new things that help make my life a lot easier and my dog alot better behaved." - Annetta McFarlen

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