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Submitted On 2006-04-21

Self Improvement Directory Tips is an entertaining and informative FREE weekly Newsletter. Each issue includes a Self Improvement Tip of the Week, plus articles from guest experts, details of important figures and works of personal development, inspirational quotes, news, special offers, fun stuff and other interesting and valuable material. Best of all, itís concise and to the point, quick and easy, yet stimulating reading! As a Special Welcome Gift, when you subscribe youíll also receive a FREE copy of Napoleon Hillís classic "Think and Grow Rich"!

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to make positive changes to their life; or is seeking more inspiration, motivation

Tags: Self Improvement, Personal Development, Self Growth, Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, Motivation,

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Just wanted to let you know that I really do enjoy your newsletter! It is not only informative and helpful in personal development, but it is also lively and entertaining because you know how to connect with your audience.--- Nadea,

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