Sensory Processing Disorder Resources
Submitted On 2006-10-27

Tips and strategies to help families thrive under the challenges of parenting children with a special needs - including adhd, learning disabilities, cognitive delays, and other health concerns.

Target Audience: parents and families

Tags: parenting, fathers, mothers, adhd, learning disabilities, autism, siblings, sensory processing, sens

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Testimonial for Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

In raising children with or without special needs, nothing is more important than the family unit. This book will enable you to enhance your child’s sensory development. Additionally, it will help you ensure that your child and all family members not only survive, but, indeed, THRIVE! When your whole family thrives, you can best ensure your child’s optimum development over the short and long range of life.

Ann Turnbull, Ed.D., Co-Founder and Co-Director, The Beach Center on Disabilities – University of Kansas

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