Sex Appeal
Submitted On 2006-10-24

You're getting ready for a night out.

You're getting all dolled up - blow drying your hair, straightening it with a flat iron, putting on mascaraómaking sure you look your best.

As you get ready, you spend time highlighting your physical features.

So, what are you going to wear tonight? Leggings, a sexy top, and the perfect bag. You're thinking, "Dress to impress and look sexy." For him, of course.

But, you don't really know what appeals to him.

Here's what Charlie Murphy, a guy from Brooklyn, New York thinks:

"When a woman is out and about, or at a bar or anywhere, presentation is everything. A woman can have sex appeal without being half or just about naked. While some women have been blessed with incredible features, it's the total package that makes it or breaks it for me. Sex appeal makes you want, and wanting creates excitement."

Sex appeal isn't just about looking good on the outside. You gotta have the whole package togetherónot just the physical piece, but the mental component too.

While you spend time getting ready, and highlighting your best physical assets with clothing, and make up, don't forget about getting your inner self ready too.

You're never fully dressed without (confidence, belief in yourself, interest in others, kindness) your inner beauty shining through.

You look sexy with your hair done and fancy wardrobe. But, you ought to present yourself nicely- then you'll have the total package.

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