Shared Knowledge
Submitted On 2009-02-10

The message of the newsletter is to teach that we are all healers who can help each other. True healing is in the form of a direct connection to the Source, the spark of love and light that exists in each one of us. The newsletter is for people who are long time learners who love to think deeply and are willing to dare and act. Subjects include: healing of body, mind and soul, the hierarchy of consciousness, miracles, angels, invisible friends, the science of Light, the Other Side, ancient schools and teachers, a developed will, teaching tools, cause and effect, visions, nature, understanding the science of creation and our relationship to the Whole. Suggestions on how to joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane. Conscious action is encouraged. The newsletter is a journey of love and assists the reader in discovering the science of spirit through lost and rejected knowledge.

Target Audience: Spirituality

Tags: self-mastery, direct inner knowledge, wisdom teachings, empowerment,healing,balance, miracles, onene

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Ezine Owner: Shirlee Hall

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Testimonial for Shared Knowledge

"Shirlee speaks to your heart from her heart. She is a remarkable woman who demonstrates truth and Light. In the last fifteen years that I have known her, I have read her other inspiring works and attended many classes. She is an awesome being who 'walks the talk'. She has always taught Purity, Truth, Unconditional Love and the path to Self discovery of our true identity as individualized spirit. In her latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, the reader will journey the path of reawakening and empowerment". ---Dawn Lamprecht,R.N.

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