Simple Tools for Authentic Living
Submitted On 2006-09-27

Use this weekly newsletter to reconnect with your Authentic Self. Each volume contains a collection of simple tools to help you nurture and develop your daily spiritual practice:

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Target Audience: Anyone who wants to live an empowered life!

Tags: Empowerment, Authentic, Inspiration, Personal Discovery, Self-help, Wholeness

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Ezine Owner: Ingrid Elfver

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Testimonial for Simple Tools for Authentic Living

"how lovely...thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and gifts!" Kelly

"My work has been very stressful. So I've been checking out the weekly newsletter and daily prayer and it's helped me return balance to my life. And the stress is easing up! Thank you, thank you!! Keep up the wonderful work. ~K.H

"Your newsletter is simply authentically you!" ~ K.S.

"THANK YOU ANGEL!!! That is soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! C.F.

"I can already feel the blessings !!!! xoxoxo R.W

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