Single shoes or mismatch sized shoes - in different styles and brands!
Submitted On 2008-08-02

A pair of shoes can change the personality and style of the wearer. A super high heel may give the look of a model, while hiking boots allow the wearer to walk with a steady step. Sneakers can make the wearer look very energetic. For every occasion, we want to select perfect pair of shoes.

About 60% of people have feet of measurably different sizes. When the size difference is significant, they have fewer options from which to choose shoes. In most cases, the left foot larger than the right. Half size difference between feet are very common. Many people with feet of different sizes buy two pairs of shoes and use only one shoe from each pair due of feet of different size. Through the years, untold millions of mismatched pairs of unused shoes have been discarded or left to languish in closets.

Women have more choices in shoes than do men. While men’s shoes tend to come in a few basic styles, women’s shoes comes in all shapes, styles, and colors. A new Web site has been created to overcome some of the problems of those with mismatched feet. The Web site is called and it offers women’s shoes for every occasion. Some options are: Women’s diabetic shoes. Women’s boots. Women’s sandals. Women’s dress shoes.

Shoes are also available on in various styles and designs for men with diabetes, arthritis or single and different sized shoes in various styles, designs and for various age groups. Some of the men's shoes for different occasion are: Men's boots. Men’s casual shoes. Men’s golf shoes. Men’s athletic shoes. Men’s extra wide shoes.

Thus, rather than buying two pairs of shoes, a user can buy a pair of the same brand, style, and color of shoes in the size of each of the buyer’s feet. In this way, user can save at least the cost of one pair of shoes minus shipping expenses for the shoes. Now users can easily find a wide range of mismatched or single shoes in their sizes. Because stores typically find it virtually impossible to sell their mismatched pairs of shoes, they often give them away or sell them for a very low price. Thanks to, people who previously had to pay more to get shoes in each of their sizes can now buy shoes at a much lower price than paid by those with both feet of the same size.

Not only does help those with mismatched feet, but it also provides new opportunities for those willing to salvage mismatched shoes from shoe stores. Enterprising people can take what was previously discarded and make a profit from posting the mismatched shoes for sale on the Web site. Although originally aimed at amputees and those with mismatched feet, there is no reason for users not to post matched pairs of shoes on the site. There is no charge for buying or selling shoes on the Web site.

Kent Basson is the originator of, free online websites that help mismatched footwear. He works to help for those who want information about foot injury, different sized fee, foot length difference, diabetes foot problems, diabetes support group, polio survivors group, one shoe, single shoes, foot deformity. For more detail visit:

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