Six Sigma
Submitted On 2009-02-02

This weblog will be THE resource for everything about Six Sigma—from tools/methodologies, training and certification, benefits and savings, and allied continuous improvement strategies. Through this blog, too, companies who are working toward Six Sigma will find a venue to express or share their thoughts and experiences while implementing this initiative. The blog will be both a reference tool and a portal of useful information.

Target Audience: Business managers, quality practitioners

Tags: six sigma, lean, management, continuous improvement, quality, QA

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Testimonial for Six Sigma

There is a "newer" six sigma blog in the blogging world that is an excellent site for news and information on our improvement journey. Six Sigma blog written by Ma. Merdekah "Meikah" Ybanez-Delid brings a fresh and genuine quality interest for us to learn. Please check out Meikah's blog for a great new voice for six sigma improvement. Thanks Meikah for a creating a wonderful blog site and keep up the good work!

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