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Submitted On 2007-01-26

Marketing, Web site design, development and SEO consulting, and graphic design and branding: tips and how-tos, general advice for small businesses to improve effectiveness of marketing and branding and internet presence.

Target Audience: small businesses

Tags: marketing,advertising,coporate identity,branding,marketing plan,marketing mistakes,graphic design

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"I used to work hard to create big, splashy product announcements, but was frequently disappointed by low awareness amongst our customer base--I never achieved the "Wow!" response I was aiming for. "Wasting Your Marketing" showed me how more effective I could be by establishing a regular drum-beat of smaller, consistent announcements. I switched two months ago, and now my customers are demanding the same strategy across all our product lines." - Ian Fisher, Manager of Interactive Software Development, Veritas DGC Inc.

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