Soul Schmooze
Submitted On 2011-03-21

Soul and Spirit support for leaders on the Global Stage. Deepen your Global Message and World Impact. This is the Ezine to inspire you to let your greatness out into the world.

Sarupa Shah is the Celebrity's Soul Agent, helping leaders from any industry put magic and meaning back into their success. Her speciality is helping YOU put more soul and spirit into your whole life and getting your inner light aligned for your outer success.

If you are ready to take the brakes off your passion and let it flow into your purpose and if you are ready to activate your higher consciousness and let it direct your creativity then you are in the right hands. Let Sarupa show you the easy path to creating the life of your dreams and making your positive impact in the world. Let Sarupa show you how you can create YOUR heaven on earth.

Remember, the Planet need you NOW.

Target Audience: Conscious Leaders with passion to get their Global Message out into the World make a Global Impact.

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I have been reading The Soul Schmooze Ezine since 2009, and find the content continually inspiring and interesting. Sarupa's guidance and knowledge has lead me to take action in my life and add much needed bliss and greater understanding. Thank you Sarupa! Testimonial by Erica Chestnut-Solo

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