SoulNudge Creates!
Submitted On 2006-11-27

SoulNudge Creates! attracts mind-body-soul advocates ready to apply their abilities to fulfill their heartís passion.

Itís filled with light-hearted commentary, tips and resources designed to inspire, motivate and empower. Best of all, it's free. So get a nice cup of tea and enjoy!

Commitment Statement SoulNudge Creates! is committed to providing readers with a quality and uplifting information experience. To honor this commitment, SoulNudge Creates! is reviewed by a rotating group of complementary health practitioners, personal growth authors, medical intuitives, facilitators, motivational speakers in Canada and USA.

Target Audience: Mind-body-soul advocates ready to apply their abilities to fulfill their heartís passion

Tags: Life Purpose, Life Path, personal development, abilities, heart's passion, passion, life coach, life

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Ezine Owner: Mildred McDonald

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"I love the ezine! The interviews are upbeat, fun, motivating and ďrealĒ. You ask great questions. Look forward to the next issue with anticipation and will share SoulNudge Creates! with friends in Canada, USA and Argentina."

S. Monahan Buenos Aires, Argentina November 2006

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