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Submitted On 2009-02-02

This resource provides tricks, tips and resources for speakers, authors and experts who want to trade their talents for free luxury cruises in on board enrichment programs.

Target Audience: speakers, authors, experts, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, information product marketers, prof

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As we watch yet another snowstorm hit Ontario tonight, we drift back to our "office" at sea. Sometimes you will speak in a conference room but sometimes in a beautiful lounge surrounded by windows looking out over the sea. Can you imagine speaking in this lounge with fun people in the middle of a green blue sea with temperatures that are actually warm? You can, by following Daniel's advice. We did and now enjoy all of this because of him. Go ahead be sure to sign up for Daniels terrific coach program, it is filled with priceless knowledge. Happy Cruising.

Barb & Bill Johnston

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