"Stand Taller, Look Better With a Neutral Position" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You
Submitted On 2010-08-26

Weekly "Get Fit" Newsletter from Tanya Stroh Training Solutions, Your Online Personal Trainer at

This week’s features include:

1. "Stand Taller; Look Better ... With a Neutral Position" Good posture not only makes you look better, it also helps prevent injury! Proper alignment - or keeping a "neutral" spine ...

2. Feel Strong Move with this week's "Exercise of the Week" Push Up w/ medicine ball ...

3. Eat Healthy Recipe from: Chef Steph & The Comfort Gourmet "Sweet Potato Salad" A Fantastic Picnic Favorite ...

Target Audience: Anyone interested in fitness, exercise, diet, healthy living

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Testimonial for "Stand Taller, Look Better With a Neutral Position" from Imagine a Fit & Healthy You

Since early 2006 Tanya and I have been spending Friday mornings together. Her strategy is both simple yet demanding. She works to help me stay motivated, build muscle mass, increase my metabolism and maintain good form. My workouts have grown in intensity over time, our goals are a lot more refined and even after 4 plus years I still look forward to our early morning sessions! (And did I mention I lost an additional 75 pounds?) I feel great and life is good!” Lisa Margerum

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