Strategy Success in Business and in Life According to Sun Tzu the Art of War!
Submitted On 2007-05-15

This website and ezine are dedicated to Sun Tzu the Art of War strategy success treaty and its application in business and in life..

Here you will find out how you could use this history's greatest success tool in business and in life.

NOW...At your finger tips....YOU will discover... what is strategy, business strategy, grand strategy, History and how the great and mighty used it to "light" their way to the TOP....

You will also learn about Sun Tzu success strategy applications in; life, Management, Leadership, Acquisition, Negotiation, Sales and Growth.

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Target Audience: For Businesses, Individuals and Nations wishing to make a mark in the world

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Testimonial for Strategy Success in Business and in Life According to Sun Tzu the Art of War!

"Books are great when you go beyond them and touch them, Thank you Osama for giving me the opportunity to touch Sun Tzu the Art of War and learn its application to business strategy and in life.

Sanjay Verma President & Managing Director ITC India

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