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Magazine for 18-25 year old students. We cover every subject under the sun which students want to know about from serious subjects such as debt management, safe sex and date rape protection, to practical information, to the fun stuff, drink, travel,eating out and entertainments. We believe in fame from the bottom up. We don't want our pages to be stuffed with B list celebrities at parties we can't get into. We want pictures, stories and gossip from students themselves. Student correspondents are always welcome.

Target Audience: 18-25 year old students

Tags: Competitions, debt management, facts, food and drink, travel, what's on, jobs, free classifieds

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"I started work for and quickly became their technical editor. I review widgits and go to press launches. It's huge fun but demanding and I am gaining experience for when I leave college (I am studying computer science). I think it is the best independent student magazine around but I would, wouldn't I?

Kevin Chopra

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