Sweepstakes WINNER! Newsletter
Submitted On 2007-08-31

A 12-page sweepstakes newsletter devoted to entering sweepstakes by snail mail, and published every 2 weeks. App. 90 new and brand-name sweepstakes each month. Available by postal mail or by email in pdf format.

Target Audience: sweepstakes and contest lovers

Tags: sweepstakes, contests, win

Ezine Subscription Info: Emailed every 2 weeks in pdf format.

Website/Archive Link:

Ezine Owner: Mandy Phillips

Public Contact:

Circulation: 500++

Subscription Fee: $50 yr, $30 for 6 mo, $20 for 3 mo, $7 for 1 mo, $4 single issue

Frequency of subscription renewal: choice

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