THE Silver Bullet in Sales - Yes Virginia There is a Silver Bullet
Submitted On 2006-09-20

We have been conditioned to believe that in sales there is no such thing as a silver bullet. I can tell you that there is. It is called timing — getting in front of the right buyer at EXACTLY the right time.

Read on if you want to learn how to make timing happen and repeatedly get in front of the right buyers at exactly the right time.

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Testimonial for THE Silver Bullet in Sales - Yes Virginia There is a Silver Bullet

“Using Craig’s strategies we have grown the business by more than 50% from the previous year.” Donato Polignone, MSDS a Division of NuGeneration Technologies - Rohnert Park, California

“I went from closing one sale in twenty to closing two out of three a ten fold increase in my close ratio.” Jess Harding, Independent Consultant - Banff, Alberta

“We gained equipment sales almost immediately after we applied Craig’s strategies.” Rodd Stubbs, Owner, International Security & Protection Co., Ltd. - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I would encourage any business person, serious about engaging their customers and gaining new customers pay attention and enjoy the benefits of what Mr. Elias has to offer. Impressive!” Tony Vanden Heuvel, CA, Meyers Norris Penny LLP - Lethbridge, Alberta

“The strategies are straightforward and non-intimidating. Craig will save us 100’s of hours of wasted time and effort while increasing our conversion rates.” J.P. Obbagy, President, Good Earth Travel Adventures LTD. - Vancouver, British Columbia

“We would, without hesitation, recommend Craig to be the ‘go to’ person in sales strategies for your company.” Rick Robertson and Charles Clymer, Owners, Micron Filtration Inc. - Calgary, Alberta

“Craig took the mystery out of sales and has given me new insights on how to replicate my biggest successes” Tom Bruin, Sharp Editing, San Franciso, California

“Craig’s strategies and his concept of the ‘Window of Dissatisfaction’ have completely changed the way we do lead generation.” Karl Bryan, Managing Director, Leader Global Consulting - Calgary, Alberta

“He is very interesting to listen to and a lot of his insights and strategies could relate to almost any business.” Vicky Miller, Owner Manager Mayor Magrath North Liquor Store Ltd. - Lethbridge, Alberta

“You changed how we look at sales and have opened new doors for our business.” Peter Dufresne Jr., VP Sales, EPT Inc. - Calgary, Alberta

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