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Submitted On 2009-02-02

Take5Moment eReminders are for the stressed-out, burnt-out people working away at their computers. Each eReminder has a selection of 5 minute tips and/or stress strategies in video or blog format, to help get you through your day. Presented by health and wellness experts from across the country, topics include yoga stretches and guided meditations you can do right at your desk, deskworker ergonomics, nutrition and diet advice, exercise tips, humor, motivation and inspiration and more. You will find something that speaks to your needs - whether you need to relax, recharge, refocus or regroup. Remember - Take5 for your Health everyday!

Target Audience: People working at their computers feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed and unmotivated.

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Testimonial for Take5Moment - Take5 for Your Health

I love this site. Jade is a teacher I know locally and love her yoga videos!

No matter what mood I am in, a Take5 Reminder gets me thinking that I DO need to take a break every now and then... for me!

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