The Aegis Journal
Submitted On 2011-10-31

AEGIS Journal focuses on business risks that affect your bottom line. The Journal covers international topics, and contains no advertising. AEGIS e-journal is a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, operating styles, theories, and related topics for corporate managers who make decisions about threats typically outside the expertise available in-house, yet which have the potential to affect their company’s domestic and international bottom lines.

Aegis covers topics other business newsletters always miss.

Target Audience: Business owners and leaders

Tags: Asset Recovery, Due Diligence, Risk Management, Executive Protection, IPCI, OPSEC, Intellectual prop

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Circulation: 22,000+

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"Fun, quirky, and excellent information" Dr. Ragunathan

Also see the few comments at the site - we have just redone the site from static to a blog - ish format.

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