The Balanced Life Newsletter: Tips for Living and Working Joyfully
Submitted On 2006-03-08

The Balanced Life Newsletter is written by Dr. Sabrina Schleicher, who is a psychologist, as well as an executive and life coach. The newsletter addresses lifestyle issues, such as work-life balance and the mind-body connection. It includes tips and suggestions, as well as personal and career development exercises. This free newsletter also contains information about various coaching opportunities for subscribers (e.g., free teleclasses, professional development coaching groups, coaching discounts, etc.) when available.

Target Audience: Professionals, Executives, Managers, Entrepreuners, Business Owners

Tags: work life balance, well being, personal development, career development, mind body connection

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Ezine Owner: Sabrina Schleicher, Ph.D.

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Testimonial for The Balanced Life Newsletter: Tips for Living and Working Joyfully

Thank you for your article on saying 'no.' It really opened my eyes! I have tried the exercise you suggested for a few weeks and I have much more energy to devote to what's most important to me.

B. Jenson, Greensboro, NC

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