The Barking Dog Problem E-Course
Submitted On 2007-05-09

Is a barking dog driving you mad?

Did you know:

- that there are 5 basic different types of barking dog problem and that each requires a completely different solution?
- that anti-bark collars may make some types of problem barking WORSE rather than better?
- that most barking dog problems are created by owners who just need to make a few small adjustments in their routine to dramatically improve their dog's day and reduce problem barking by addressing the cause, yet it is unlikely that anyone has ever told you what these simple adjustments are? Most people are amazed when they find out!

Take control! Visit our questionnaire and select the statements which best describe your barking dog problem, then we will send you a free customised training plan. We do recommend some products throughout the course, but you don't need to buy them. This course is produced solely for the benefit of dogs and their often despairing owners.

Target Audience: Dog owners with a barking dog or puppy problem.

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Testimonial for The Barking Dog Problem E-Course

"Great positive training techniques in simple english. I love how they discuss the "why". By discussing the why you not only learn how to fix the problems directly discussed, you learn how create your own training plans using the same techniques." - Kathy

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