The Burrel Report
Submitted On 2006-01-28

Burrel Lee Wilks III is America's Most Authentic Life Coach! This charismatic ex-gang chief turned Life Coach and author, brings his unique perspective to you through his free weekly newsletter "The Burrel Report: The Weekly Newsletter For Giants."

As Burrel himself says "Success requires no explanation, and failure allows no alibi. If you want to be successful, then you have to think like a winner, act like a winner and look like a winner. There are no prizes in this life for gray or pastel. Itís time to go Technicolor!"

Burrel is known for his 'keepin' it real' style, and offers his life coaching "without sugarcoating."

Target Audience: Success oriented men and women

Tags: success, self-esteem, motivation, fashion, style, relationship advice, career advice, health, self-c

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Testimonial for The Burrel Report

"Burrel is my brother. His energy, work ethic and advice is awesome...He's the best antidote to pressure I know.." Bobby Simmons NBA #21 Milwaukee Bucks (NBA MIP 2004/5)

"This guy is something else! He has an amazingly positive energy..." Corey Maggette NBA #50 LA Clippers

"The Burrel Report is packed with great stuff! Well done, educating and entertaining! Steve Orwin (UK)"

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**Highly Recommended** - Burrel is such a positive motivator! Great newsletter!

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