The Coaching Pair Daily Gram
Submitted On 2009-02-05

The Coaching Pair's Daily Grams provide short messages designed to support and encourage the small business owner, ministry or other non-profit leader, as well as network marketer. Messages run the gamut from attitude and thinking discipline to wellness tips and strategies all designed to "coach" the reader to grow into their destiny.

Target Audience: small business owners, ministry leaders, non-profit leaders, network marketers

Tags: motivational, coaching, life coaching, destiny coaching, wellness coaching, encouragement

Ezine Subscription Info: Daily (M-F) or weekly versions available by subscription form at top of each issue

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Ezine Owner: Jerry Graham

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Circulation: 150+

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Testimonial for The Coaching Pair Daily Gram

"Thank you for this message. I learned a lot. You are having a positive impact on many people through your messages." Dr. Randy Peck

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