The Date Coach Matt Titus - Ways On How To Detect If He Is A Confirmed Bachelor
Submitted On 2007-05-21

By the time men have reached the age of 40, they've pretty much learned what they do and don't want in a relationship. Many of them also have happily embraced the notion of being a confirmed bachelor, here are 5 ways to see if your guy is one of them.

He's not mentally available: Has he put his former relationships behind him? Is he able to go on a date without talking nonstop about his past relationships? If the answer is no, consider him Mr. Can't Commit. He's never been married: Why not? Is he just as happy being alone as he is being with someone? Or, perhaps he just too focused on a business career or other interests to give enough to a relationship? This man might be busy and successful, but not for you. He's been in lots of short term relationships: What happened in each situation? Why won't he follow through on long term romance? This kind of guy is happy to keep repeating the same relationship mistakes-as long as it's with someone new. Don't become girlfriend # 17! He has no relationship goals: This man isn't willing to make a commitment. Does he even want to? If he's too set in his ways, you likely won't change him.

He is not financially secure: Does he have a career that supports him? You might want to build a life together, but you don't want to be the only one financing it.

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