The Design Conspiracy's Dossier
Submitted On 2006-08-02

Every month we send out a little Dossier featuring a major project we've been working on that month, a poll and some other less serious stuff. Like pictures of us at Bill Gates' house.

Target Audience: Marketing directors, brand managers, designers, design students, our Mums

Tags: deisgn, conspiracy, graphic, branding, marketing, digital

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Ezine Owner: Ben Terrett

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Testimonial for The Design Conspiracy's Dossier

I liked your latest Dossier by the way. Your company has a really great ‘personality’.

I love your work and look forward to receiving your dossier each month. If I lived in the U.K. I would be certainly be looking to join the Conspiracy! You guys make it look like so much fun.

I just read this and its great - thanks so much for this.

I love your Dossier, I am very impressed by all the things you're up to.

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