The Divine Connection
Submitted On 2009-02-08

Would you like to have a more conscious, enjoyable relationship with yourself and with God? Would you like to live your life with passion and purpose, bringing your true gifts to the world? If so, The Divine Connection is for you! This Ezine inspires you to live authentically, prosperously, and at full potential. It provides valuable information and resources to vitalize and ease your life journey.

Target Audience: Individuals who wish to have a stronger, more personal relationship with the Divine.

Tags: Self Realization,God,Divine,Spiritual,Enlightenment,Prosperity,Grace,Personal Development,Guidance,I

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Ezine Owner: Arleen Hannich

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Arleen. Your writing is WONDERFUL! You are helping so many people. Keep up the great work. Love and blessings. Joan

I love your Ezine! Nancy

I truly enjoy reading your Ezine. It's a great reminder for me. Thank you! Kay

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