The 'Dr. K Show' - Lose Fat, Strengthen Joints
Submitted On 2009-03-12

Dr. K is considered a world-leader in fitness and physical therapy. He specializes in helping people burn fat at record speed, while simultaneously strengthening joints, improving posture, and balancing muscles. Through his daily video updates (, his clients are able to reap amazing fat loss and joint strengthening results. Dr. K is one of the most passionate and professional fitness professionals out there, and he's absolutely dedicated to providing the highest standard of fitness information available anywhere. He realizes that his information changes lives, and he's ready to take on that responsibility with you as you work your way towards true wellness.

Target Audience: Female (65%), Males (35%) - mostly ages 30-55 - English speaking

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Testimonial for The 'Dr. K Show' - Lose Fat, Strengthen Joints

"I have no second thoughts about recommending Dr. K to anyone. His enthusiasm is second to none, his energy level is through the roof and his knowledge is amazing. What I also find more impressive is his thirst for increased knowledge and understanding." - Justin Petersmeyer

"I started with Kareem in March of last year (2005) and have not stopped training with him, because he is excellent, not only in his knowledge, but also in the interest he shows in his client to whom he adapts each and every exercise! He even makes new ones up, when others don't work, be it due to too much flexibility or an injured shoulder. Since then not only have I lost weight, but I am stronger, have a better position and knowledge of my body and feel all around better about myself. Thanks!!!!! I am moving out of the country by the end of July and have every intention of training with Kareem via his long distance coaching." - Juliane Maurach

"Kareem has the magic touch. His attention to detail and fun spirit really helped turn my workout regimen around. I've seen great results in my strength and flexibility while nurturing a shoulder injury." - Lee Bockus

"The exercises Dr. K is going to show you are challenging AND interesting, a one-two punch that will keep you motivated and coming back for more. And he not only gives you the "what" of the exercises, he gives you the "why" and the "how" the you knowledge to understand how to get the most out of your workouts. Dr. K also makes sure you have all instructions and knowledge you need to perform these workouts safely to prevent injury.

He covers every possible angle of core training and shows you how to use speed training, bodyweight, instability and more to light a fire in your metabolism and incinerate that stubborn belly fat! He even shows you how to do it all with just a few inexpensive fitness tools, so you don't need an expensive gym membership. You can literally take your workout anywhere you want - it can be as portable as it is effective!" -Caroline Fitzgerald (Fitness Professional)

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